we are now open for small in-studio classes, as well as continuing to live stream our classes to you at home

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Sol classes are designed to be heart pumping, endorphin producing and to move emotions through. The combination of curated music with emotive movement, heat + sweat, and physical intensity results in a cathartic, cleansing and empowering experience.

Music is the portal in. Every Sol class is paired with a soulful playlist that evokes spirit, emotion, grit, power, redemption, ceremony, prayer, celebration… and we’re free to connect to whatever resonates.

It’s not just a workout; it’s a work through.

Sol Signature

Signature Sol is the original and the most challenging experience. It is fluid, music-driven, intense, immersive, tricky and accomplished.

Sol Essentials

Essential Sol is Signature Sol’s little sister; similarly fluid and music driven. It’s not easy – but the choreography is simplified. This class experience can stand on its own or prepare you for the trickier moves of Signature Sol.

Sol Technique + Breakdown

Sol Technique + Breakdown is a great entry point or check in to deepen your Sol practice. The music is lower in the studio and the pace is slower, with detailed explanation. Each class reveals details of the exercises, ways to connect and tap into the workout and the philosophies underpinning the method.

Sol Restore + Guided Meditation

Sol Restore + Guided Meditation is our therapeutic complement to our vigorous Sol classes. Gentle, fluid, dynamic movements and mellow stretching, set to slow-but-steady music that keeps you flowing. Each class ends with a 15 minute deeply restful guided meditation practice. Enjoy this dedicated hour to slow down, breath deep and enjoy being in your body.

Types of Sol packages

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Twenty Classes
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