What is a Sol Class

A gently heated + music driven workout designed originally + intentionally to be heart pumping, endorphin producing + to move emotions through. The combination of curated music with emoting movement, heat + sweat, the sheer physicality… results in a cathartic, therapeutic, primal, cleansing + empowering experience.

We are all free to connect with what resonates – the songs on each week’s playlist evoke spirit, heartache, grit, power, redemption, ceremony, prayer, celebration… and the beauty is that the space is open to whatever you feel… and just an aside; the physical workout is for real.

Solarium Q + A

What makes Sol different from other fitness classes?
The experience. The infrared heat + greenhouse atmosphere paired with movements + music that are carefully curated to give you a full body workout + give you the space to connect with what resonates.
Do I need to pre-register for class?
Yes, you can register online via our website or using the MindBody app on your phone. Drop-ins are available if there is space, but if you have your heart set on a class, please register ahead of time as classes fill quickly.
How do I prepare for my first Sol class?
Drink plenty of water prior to class because we heat things up fast! Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class to fill out our forms, explore our beautiful studio space and grab your ankle + hand weights for class.
What do I wear to class and what should I bring when I arrive to my first Sol class?
Wear comfortable, well-fitted, sweat-wicking workout clothes. We provide mats at Solarium so no need to bring one unless you have a favorite to use. You can also bring a towel for your mat if you’d like. No gym shoes or socks are required during class.
Does the studio have showers and a locker room?
Yes, we have showers and lockers with locks. All you have to do is pick your code and remember it after class is over.
Why infrared heat?
Instead of forced hot air making a room feel heavy and dry, infrared heat is radiant heat that is the same as the heat that we emit from our own body. It is invisible to the human eye, but it is the warmth we feel from the sun.

What are the benefits of infrared heat?
Working out in an infrared heated room allows your muscles, tissue and joints to warm up and open quickly, creating more responsive flexibility. This also aids in the recovery of muscles and joints after class, decreasing aches and muscle soreness.
Infrared heat stimulates blood flow which results in increased circulation. This increased circulation improves oxygenation to vital organs and helps bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface, which boosts healthy, glowing skin.
It penetrates up to 1.5 inches beneath the skin, which increases our metabolic rate and our core body temperature, resulting in more calories burned.
It rids the body of toxins and can pull out heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and radiation that are stored in fat cells from deep within the body. By detoxing the body, it helps boost the immune system.
“We are surrounded by and ingest toxic chemicals called obesogens that promote weight gain, disrupt energy balances, and prevent weight loss. Infrared allows a person to sweat out those fattening chemical toxins which can aid in detoxification and weight loss if needed.” Wendy Myers, heavy metal detox expert.
What are the heat levels in Sol classes?
The room is heated to 90 degrees for essentials, signature and technique + breakdown classes and gently heated to 82 for our Sol restore classes.
I arrived a few minutes late to class and the door was locked: why?
For the safety and security of our students and teachers, we lock the door during all classes. Since we are leading the class and moving with you, we cannot leave our mat to open the door. We recommend arriving at the studio 10-15 minutes prior to class to get ready to feel your Sol.

What’s with all of the plants?
Besides being the most important aspect of our design vision, green exercise research has shown many benefits. Green exercise makes people happier, less fatigued, more tranquil and relaxed, boosts mood, energy and self-esteem. It also has an overall healing effect on your nervous system. The natural world can wake up our body sense and in doing so, helps us remember who we are, to feel who we are. “Restorative natural environments have been shown to bring us more in touch with ourselves and remind us what is important in our lives; and they enhance our sense of connection – a feeling of ‘oneness’ – between ourselves and other people, animals, plants and trees, and the earth itself.” — Alan Fogel, Psychology Today.
I am pregnant; can I still take a Sol class?
If you have been taking Sol classes and exercising prior to your pregnancy, then you can continue your normal exercise routine with some modifications as long as you feel comfortable doing the movements in the heat.
If you do not have prior Sol movement or exercise experience, then we recommend taking our Sol Restore classes. Sol restore is a gentle movement class suitable for pregnancy as long as you are comfortable on your hands and knees and on your back for a few minutes at a time. Please consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.
What are we doing to ensure safety at our studio during COVID?
We are limiting our class size to ensure 6 feet between mats, asking our clients to refrain from attending in-studio classes when feeling ill or recently exposed to the virus, sanitizing mats and equipment between use.
What is Sol teacher training?
Sol teacher training is an opportunity to dive deeper into the Sol movement method. It consists of two five-hour trainings that break down the exercises to help you understand the technique and transitions of the exercises. At the completion of the training course you will be eligible to audition to teach at Solarium. Please note that completing the training does not guarantee hire at Solarium.